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International Relations Insights & Analysis (IRIA) is a research institute focusing on critical issues that threaten international peace & security. IRIA investigates and offers research and analysis on security, energy, terrorism, foreign affairs as well as global political agendas. We formulate concise and meaningful research presented in an interesting and interactive manner. IRIA special reports include experts’ opinion, special features, cost & benefit analysis, examine risk & opportunities, as well as evaluate threats and suggest countermeasures. The key findings of reports and analysis highlight pragmatic policy options and revise strategies.

IRIA also offers client-based specialized reports, backgrounders and analysis on foreign affairs, political issues, global agendas to officials, policy-makers and academics. To get IRIA exclusive reports, featuring critical analysis, experts’ opinion and policy recommendations, contact at

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IRIA offers varied opportunities for organizations that want to highlight their original, research-based, quality work to a global audience through our co-branded initiatives. As a content partner, your organization can gain various advantages including networking opportunities, customized reports, backgrounders and analysis.

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IRIA stands for democracy, harmony and peace for all.

We aim to support grassroots democracy and promote peace building processes and cultural harmony by working with policymakers, institutions and political stakeholders. We highlight common threats and misconceptions, by focusing on critical issues that threatens international peace & security and provide improved set of strategies and countermeasures.

We also promote prospective young authors, scholars and offer them an opportunity to engage with global audience and build up their academic profile by sharing their thought-provoking ideas, solutions and opinions on global affairs.

IRIA encourages young women scholars and authors to express their visions and observations on foreign affairs, peace and harmony.

IRIA believe that interdependence, trust and understanding can not only to bridge the gap between nations and political leaders, but also create a better and prosperous world. With your support and donations, we can work together to make a positive impact on global peace and security.


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  Advisory Board

Doina Puscasu
IRIA Director Board of Advisors

Brigadier (Retd.) Tariq Khalil
Defense Analyst, Former Senior Military official

Colonel (Retd.) Tran Dong Son
Former Deputy Corps Commander

Elshad Baghirov
Senior Analyst, Central Asia

Tariq Shadab
General Secretary, Asian Union Forum

Anwar Salfeldar
Political Analyst, European Union

  IRIA Staff

Camelia Maria Balaban
Executive Director (EU)
Areas of Expertise: Global Governance, China Studies, Central & East European Studies, and EU-China relations.

Doina Puscasu
Director Board of Advisors
Areas of Expertise: Romanian Politics, Regional Cultural Affairs, International Politics, European Affairs, NATO.

Akhtar Jamal
Executive Director (Asia)
Areas of Expertise: Defense & Strategic Affairs, Central Asia, Middle East, South Asia, Security Policy.

Farid Baghirov
Policy Analyst (Russia)
Areas of Expertise: Russian Politics, Central Asian and European Politics, Security Studies, Strategic Affairs.

Tran Thanh Ha
Regional Director, Asia-Pacific
Areas of Expertise: Southeast Asia, Democratization, Role of Women in Politics, US-Vietnam, China-Vietnam Relations.

Sascha Salfelder
Policy Analyst (Germany)
Areas of Expertise: German Foreign Policy, Great Power Politics, EU Foreign and Security Policy, Euro-Asia.

Wang JinNa
Content Editor
Areas of Expertise: Editer, Designer, South East Asia, ASEAN, Communications.

Salma Khalid
Content Editor
Areas of Expertise: Research and Editing, South Asian Studies, Human Rights, Environmental Studies.

Nabeel Javed
Policy Analyst (Canada)
Areas of Expertise: International Relations, European Studies, North American Studies, Civil Rights and International Politics.

Matthew Conley
Policy Analyst (US)
Areas of Expertise: US Foreign Policy, Global War on Terrorism, Security Policy, Global Governance, Defense & Strategic Affairs.


Dr. Abdulmajeed Hassan Bello

Dr. Abdulmajeed Bolade Hassan-Bello is a professor at Department of Religious and Cultural Studies at University of Uyo in Nigeria. He teaches various courses including Islamic doctrines & theology, Islamic jurisprudence, religion & human relations, religion & cultural changes. He has written numerous books and journal articles including “Islamic Doctrines and Theology” and “Islam and Conception of Islamic State”.

Casey Higginbotham

Casey Higginbotham's research work focuses on international relations and global security. He completed his Bachelors in Political Science focused on Global Politics, in 2015. Mr. Higginbotham's studies in France sparked his interest in international conflict and security studies which he is currently pursuing through his research work.

Caterina Perlini

Caterina Perlini did her Masters from King’s College London, Department of War Studies. She also worked at the European Union Delegation to the United Nations in New York and reported about the Security Council’s resolutions on Syria and Libya.

Cody Pajunen

Cody Pajunen’s research focus is transnational terrorism and the psychological basis of political violence. He also follows Turkish and Iraqi politics, and writes about group dynamics, insurgencies, and irregular warfare.

Christopher P. Davey

Christopher P. Davey is a graduate of Utah Valley University's Peace and Justice Studies programme and the Joint European programme of Human Rights and Genocide Studies at Kingston University. He is currently a PhD researcher in Peace Studies at the University of Bradford, and an associate research fellow at the John and Elnora Ferguson Centre for African Studies. Christopher's research areas include: genocide in central Africa, colonial and imperial legacies of genocide in British history.

Farinaz Aryanfar

Farinaz Aryanfar is a Dutch-Iranian researcher focusing on conflict analysis in the Middle East. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Middle Eastern studies from Leiden University, and a Master’s degree in Global Affairs from Gothenburg University. As an active analyst in media, she received the ‘Most in the News Women’ prize in the Netherlands in 2009. Ms. Farinaz has presented her papers at several conferences including World Congress for Middle Eastern Studies (2014). Currently, she is studying the polarization threat of European societies as an effect of Islamic extremism (2015-2016).

Fadi Elhusseini

Dr Fadi Elhusseini is a political and media advisor. He is a senior fellow at the Centre on Governance, University of Ottawa and an associate fellow researcher (ESRC) at the Institute for Middle East Studies Canada. Elhusseini is an advisory board member of the New Arab Foundation. He holds a PhD in International Relations (Turkey and the Arab World) from the University of Sunderland in Britain.

Grace Blakeley

Grace Blakeley’s research area is conflict in central Africa, particularly the nexus of conflict that has arisen around north eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo, South Sudan and the Central African Republic. She is currently pursuing an MSc degree in African Studies at Oxford University. In her thesis on the second Congo war, Ms. Blakeley analysed numerous sub-conflicts in DRC after personally visiting the Ituri region of the DRC for her research. She also interned at the European Parliament and spent some time volunteering as an administrator of a charity called The Child's Trust, and visited India and France.

Katarzyna Jędrzejczyk-Kuliniak

Katarzyna Jędrzejczyk-Kuliniak is an Associate professor at the General Tadeusz Kosciusko Military Academy of Land Forces, Department of National Security Affairs. She has graduated from University of Wroclaw Faculty of Social Science. Ms. Katarzyna’s Doctoral Thesis focused on ‘Cultural Values and the Processes of Globalisation, within Muslim and Sinoconfucian Civilizations.’ She is also the author of numerous articles about Islam civilization, International Relations and security including a course book, “World religions and International Security”.

Katty Alhayek

Katty Alhayek is a scholar and activist from Syria. She is currently a PhD candidate in Communication at the University of Massachusetts Amherst and a research assistant at the UN Women. Her research interests center around themes of gender, conflict, activism, media and new technologies. Ms Alhayek is a former Open Society Foundations fellow and holds Master’s degrees in International Affairs and Media Studies. Her areas of interest include: Peace and Conflict, Restorative Justice, International Politics.

Linda Hewitt

Linda Hewitt did her Bachelors in Arabic Studies from Berlin where her research focused on homosexuality in Arabic-Islamic societies and in the Middle East. She is currently pursuing her Master’s degree from in Lund University, Sweden at the Centre for Middle Eastern Studies. She is currently studying how some Muslims are managing the balance between traditional religious and modern values in their everyday life, based on narratives of Ismaili Muslims living in Germany.

Lorna Balie

Lorna Balie did her Bachelors in Political Science, Philosophy and Economics from the University of Stellenbosch. She completed her Masters in Peace and Conflict Studies at the European Peace University in Austria where her thesis focused on the impact of peace education on youth in South Africa. Lorna is currently a doctoral candidate in Education at the Centre for International Teacher Education at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology.

Mattie Lanz

Mattie Lanz works at Center for Maghreb Studies in Tunis. She attended Middle East Technical University and currently lives in Ankara, Turkey.

Robert Vessels

Robert Vessels currently works as a Military and Veteran Volunteer Coordinator at Sierra Club. He was also part of 4th Brigade Combat Team, 10th Mountain Division. He studied Middle Eastern Studies/Arabic at UC Berkeley.