ISIS reportedly executes 3 Chinese militants

ISIS reportedly executes 3 Chinese militants

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The ISIS extremists have reportedly executed three Chinese militants after they defected from the terror group operating in Iraq and Syria.

On Thursday, China’s Global Times newspaper cited an unnamed Kurdish security official as saying that a Chinese man had been “arrested, tried and shot dead” by the ISIS terrorists in Syria in late September.

The execution came after the Chinese citizen became disillusioned with the terrorist group and decided to return to Turkey.

“Another two Chinese militants were beheaded in late December in Iraq, along with 11 others from six countries,” said the Kurdish official, adding that the ISIS terrorists “charged them with treason and accused them of trying to escape.”

Sources say around 300 Chinese extremists have joined the ranks of the ISIS terror group. Most of the Chinese militants are from the Xinjiang region, which borders Pakistan and Afghanistan.

On Thursday, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman, Hong Lei, said at a press briefing in Beijing that China is opposed to “all forms of terrorism.”

Meanwhile, the Soufan Group, a New York-based intelligence firm, estimated in June 2014 that at least 3,000 militants of European origin have been active in several militancy-riddled regions across the Arab country.

The ISIS militants currently control swathes of territory across Syria and Iraq. They have carried out heinous atrocities in both countries, including mass executions and beheadings.


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